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Love Still Won't Die (2x02)

Mel:I never thought that I was gonna be able to trust anyone after Kyle... and then there was Jim.
Jim:You're not gonna break into song right now are you?
Mel:I might.

A Grave Matter (2x05)
Mel:You know what? It's fun, to brainstorm this stuff with you.
Jim:I know, I read somewhere, ghost-busting keeps a marriage strong.

The Woman of His Dreams (2x06)
Mel:Jim, come on, I can take it. Spit it out, was she beautiful?
Jim:She's drop dead gorgeous, she looks like a model.
Mel:A simple yes would have done.

Speed Demon (2x14)
Mel:Does this mean anything to you: 190206?
Jim:What's left on our mortgage?
Jim:Last plumber's bill?
Mel:No again.
Mel:Why is it so much harder when you're trying to get lost?
Jim:You're doing great, I have no idea where we are.

No Safe Place (3x04)
(He whispers in her ear and walks to the door)
Jim:And ah..you know where to find me.
Mel:I know you are not about to take that peanut butter up into my bed.
Jim:Ah no...no! I was gonna take this peanut butter up into my bed!

Imaginary Friends and Enemies (4x06)
Jim:You're more beautiful every time I see you.
Mel:You're awake. I love you.
Jim:Mel, there's a thing that happened. Um... uh... it's called an embolism - it's a technical term and you don't need to know about it.
Mel:Let me go get you a doctor.
im:No, please. Just look at me, right here. Please look at me, right now. Look, look at me right here. I want you to remember me this way. Please.
Jim: I will always love you Melinda . . . Always!
Mel: No!Not you!Please....not you!
(this one I really hate!!!....)

Heart and Soul (4x08)
Mel:The last Conscious decision my husband made was to risk everything just to be with me, I am not going to turn my back on that. . . .No he took a chance out of love and out of loyalty for the one person who meant everything to him, even though he know it doesn't make any sense. That is what Love is! Jim:You've be amazingly supportive, but its just weird...I mean I don't even know you and suddenly I'm moving into your place and then whats even weirder is how I feel when were together.

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