sâmbătă, 18 octombrie 2008

Footprints in the sand...

Se spune ca in viata lucrurile cele mai bune se obtin cu cele mai mari eforturi si cu siguranta asa se intampla. Nu te poti bucura de un lucru atata timp cat nu depui un anumit efort pentru a il obtine. E ca un fel de sentiment de mandrie atunci cand observi ca primesti o rasplata pentru tot ceea ce esti...chiar daca acea rasplata nu dureaza prea mult timp... .

I was thinking that maybe I shouldn't take another step...not until I'll find out wat was going on. Those were only thoughts 'cause from that moment only actions could speak. We both thought at the same time: " What just happened?", but you were the one who said it... What happened was the beginnng of knowledge... .The moment I found out that some differences are so insignificant...they don't matter actually! I started to focus on real things, those that really mattered. And i found it...that "me" who could understand everything that I was saying. It wasn't necessary to explain 'cause that "I know" came right away.

Every little thing that made me sad that moment was gone and away 'cause I realised that when somebody wants to make me sad the only thing that they do is push me into more happiness. They only make me discover that I am not alone and that i relly diserve what I get.

In a special day special things happened...

"I don't want ya feelin' guilty,That'd keep you in pain too...So maybe you could learn from this !"

"I promise you I'm always there When your heart is filled with sorrow And despair And I'll carry you When you need a friend You'll find my footprints in the sand ..."

"They can take tomorrow and the plans we made They can take the music that we'll never play All the broken dreams Take everything Just take it away But they can never have yesterday !"

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